tortured sentence from trending on twitter. guessing its AI?

Lady Gaga becomes the latest celebrity to fall into a meme trend of someone posting a picture of a celebrity or 3D-rendered character for humorous effect

- dave 10-25-2022 10:02 pm

another absurdity. just a sub headline to an article about a baseball player having to decide which team will pay him 30 plus million a year made to seem like sophie's choice.

In 2022, Judge turned down the Yankees' extension offer, broke a 61-year-old home run record and faced another devastating postseason loss. What's next will be even more trying.


- dave 10-26-2022 11:10 am [add a comment]

used to be you'd (me'd) just have the toxicity of commercials to complain about as you wasted away your life. now its click bait headlines on social media.

House of the Dragon: Aemondís Sapphire Eye, Explained  

- dave 10-26-2022 11:46 am [add a comment]

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