- steve 1-18-2023 12:56 am

we can all agree that the hero in this image is foam rubber. 

- dave 1-18-2023 9:31 am [add a comment]

  • I think it's more like floral foam, but I feel you.

    - steve 1-18-2023 9:51 am [add a comment]

    • you are right it is closer to floral foam. feeling the shame on my family. difference between it and floral apparently is floral is open celled vs this which is closed. 

      Open cell foam is full of cells that arenít completely encapsulated. In other words, the cells are deliberatly left open. This makes the foam a softer, more flexible material.

      Closed cell foam is made up of cells that are, as the name suggests, completely closed. The cells are pressed together, so air and moisture are unable to get inside the foam. Because of this, closed cell foam is much more rigid and stable than open cell foam.


      - dave 1-18-2023 10:21 am [add a comment]

      • Good work. Go easy on yourself and I'm glad we could come to an understanding.

        - steve 1-18-2023 10:35 am [add a comment]

        • you know im all about getting at the the truth over being right. 

          wait, it that true? ahh, who cares?

          whats important is the foams we made along the way.

          - dave 1-18-2023 10:45 am [add a comment]

  • Getting a pair?
    - alex 1-18-2023 10:19 am [add a comment]

    • according to a reasonably recent reddit thread it said they were about $600 with like a 5 month waiting period. a number of people suggested that real distance hikers would no longer favor this heavy less breathable style.

      - dave 1-18-2023 10:48 am [add a comment]

      • These, in custom brown would have set me back more, thankfully, L works at the skate shop.

        - steve 1-18-2023 11:03 am [add a comment]

      • This is true. I like traditional styles, and have shoes similarly constructed, with welts, corked insoles, and steel shanks, but I go with more contemporary models when it comes to boots for use in the field. (Oops, I said field.)

        - alex 1-18-2023 11:39 am [add a comment]

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