its that time of year again. yes, you guessed it, im saying goodbye to my oldest still in use t-shirt. the oldest t-shirt in my collection is, of course, my 1977 giorgio chinaglia soccer camp t-shirt in a sky blue but this one is nearly as special as it is the last of the first batch of american apparel t-shirts i bought from an old jewish-owned t-shirt wholesaler storefront formerly on grand st just east of orchard. thats right. you know the one. schmedricks or something. think it was 2005 or so and they were about $7 bucks a pop versus $18 in the american apparel store a half mile away or so on houston. fuck you, perv guy! i won! you all know who i am talking about. but this is also an extra special occasion as it marks the first time i bought ordinary t-shirts in bulk (hanes undershirts notwithstanding) which i am surprised their has been no holiday to comemmorate. but the beastie boys just got that corner of ludlow & rivington named after them so i probably have another six years or so before my time arrives. the campaign begins forthwidth! i will have to admit it outlasted its other brethern by being my least favorite color option and sat for years unused on the shelf along with the violet j crew t-shirts and the itchy northface one. although years later we grew close, it might have even become my favorite of the bunch primarily because i have forgotten the rest. not true, navy & black & umber or especially you, kelly green. ill never forget you. never. so pour one at for ash brown, it might not actually be that color but im too lazy to get up and match it at the moment.... because i am so broken up at losing a friend, nay, my best friend.

- dave 12-08-2023 11:17 am

hard to match colors actually but this one might be closer and it has a name unlike many. goodbye, my spicy friend. today truly is a day after a day that will live in infamy.

- dave 12-08-2023 11:28 am [add a comment]

  • I am currently remodeling a bathroom painted in that color. Not a good bathroom color. Probably not a good underwear color either, unless you count t-shirts as underwear in which case it's fine.

    - steve 12-09-2023 2:11 am [add a comment]

haha. fucking internet. this is what is was built for.

- dave 12-08-2023 11:45 am [add a comment]

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