They're Back :

"According to the official Ninja Tune website, a Portland, Oregon radio station has been fined $7,000 by the FCC
for playing "Your Revolution," recorded by DJ Vadim featuring spoken word poetry by Sarah Jones. "Your
Revolution" appears on DJ Vadim's 1999 release, USSR: Life from the Other Side. The trouble stems from the
opening line of the song, "Your revolution will not happen between these thighs." The FCC has deemed that the
song features "unmistakable patently offensive sexual references."
Ninja Tune is encouraging fans and listeners to contact FCC Chairman Michael Powell at or
1-888-225-5322 "to voice your concern and support independent music and free speech." KBOO-FM stands
by their decision to play the track, and has 30 days to respond to the formal complaint. Those who are interested
in reading the full report (including the lyrics in question) can do so at the FCC's official site."

- bill 7-12-2001 5:04 pm

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