Here's a mass email from Michael Moore about the upcoming election. I never know what to think about this guy. Basically I agree with him on most issues, but like I said, I'm never sure what to think about him. Maybe I've just been brainwashed by the anti-Moore publicity campaign. Still, I think he's on target here. I saw Nader on Meet the Press this morning and I thought he sounded very reasonable. Even electable, although I know the odds aren't too good on that one. If the internet does play any role in the election, I'd have to think it would be to Nadar's benefit. Are emails (political spam?) like this going to do any good?
- jim 8-06-2000 9:59 pm

here was my favorite part of the nader visit. it was a contentious moment but they quickly moved on. by the way, i dont offer opinions either.

MR. RUSSERT: You were one of the few liberals to say that you would have voted to impeach and convict Bill Clinton. Why?
MR. NADER: Well, he—first, he disgraced the office and dragged the country through it for a year. He could have owned up to it. He stole a year of journalism from the American people. Think of all the stories about things going on in this country that never made it on the news. And then he lied about it. I mean, what’s the standard? In fact, you thought he was gone in a few days, I remember you saying. And lot of what—Sam Donaldson thought he was gone.
MR. RUSSERT: No, I was quoting his advisers. I don’t offer opinions. I was reporting.
MR. NADER: You were predicting.
MR. RUSSERT: I was reporting.
MR. NADER: Yeah, yeah. OK.
MR. RUSSERT: Reporting. Big difference. Do you think he’ll be disbarred?
- dave 8-11-2000 11:12 pm [add a comment]

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