In case you are having trouble making up your mind, here are two web sites to help you out. The American Presidential Candidate Selector will help you pick a winner. Supposedly I should vote for David McReynolds (Socialist party - I never heard of him either,) and actually, after reading up on him, I've found we do hold a lot in common. That maximum wage thing kind of ruins it for me though. It did pick Nader as my number 2, so it's not too far off.

These questions were much harder for me to answer, but the Belief System Selector has me pegged as a neo-pagan, which, given the possible outcomes, is pretty accurate (although I don't think of myself as a neo-pagan; I prefer spiritual non-euclidean, but that's pretty much just to end those types of conversations.) How 'bout you?
- jim 8-12-2000 7:35 pm

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