I finally got my online service back, and have been trying to digest the last week. I am fine, but have not yet been allowed to return to work at 26 Federal Plaza. The building is within a few blocks of the Trade Center, but we got out unscathed, in the minutes between the second impact and the first collapse. The north wind spared me the dust cloud. I made it to Ditiís, at the edge of downtown, where we saw the towers fall on TV. We were joined by Steve, and later made our way to the Lower East Side, to gather with Jim, Mary Beth, Linda, Mike, Dave, and other friends of this family of friends. Iím often happy to be alone, but this was a time to be with the people you love, and I want to thank everyone for just being there, and for just being. Iíve seen some of you since, and thatís been a comfort, but others have been out of reach, and being cut off from the net has been frustrating. It allows me to be isolated yet connected at the same time. Losing this capability at a time of crisis reminds me of how tightly the internet has been woven into my life, and of just how fragile the high-tech filigree of our civilization really is.

Mixed feelings are on the menu, and Iím sure weíll all be going through this for some time. Iíll be trying to figure out what I feel, and Iíll try to let you know what I think about that. Meanwhile, some of the most beautiful days of the year are passing, and Fall arrives on Saturday. In irony or irrelevance, the natural world goes on without reflection. We will reflect, but we too will go on.

- alex 9-18-2001 6:35 pm

Welcome back Alex.
- jim 9-18-2001 6:42 pm [add a comment]

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