My first bike was a one-speed Schwinn, then the five-speed stingray knock off. In fifth grade I got a mitsutani 10 speed. In seventh grade I returned to the sting-ray style because I missed going off jumps and popping wheelies.  I got a Webco bmx bike in 1976, my sophomore year, which I hardly rode because I wasn't good enough at the tricks and was constantly challenged by kids who could shred. I wasn't great on a skateboard but could do 360's well enough, fortunately the ollie and other more advanced tricks hadn't been invented yet and because of Portland's climate there were no swimming pools which I certainly would have sucked at riding, so the skateboard was a relatively shame-free source of transportation for my 15th year.  Getting my driver's license brought some relief to my wheeled woes.

- steve 11-23-2020 4:15 pm

The main components of this bike match my bmx - Black Webco frame, Redline forks, black Tuffwheels and box-style handlebars.

- steve 11-23-2020 7:00 pm [ comments]

You could buy that back. Anyone have a big wheel plastic thing. I was too old , but liked the deign.

- bill 11-23-2020 9:26 pm [4 comments]

i graduated to this. part of me thought the bmx kids were dumb because it took so much more effort to get anywhere.

- dave 11-23-2020 9:52 pm [2 comments]

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