You could buy that back. Anyone have a big wheel plastic thing. I was too old , but liked the deign.

- bill 11-23-2020 9:26 pm

i had a big wheel. my younger sister got the green machine.

- dave 11-23-2020 9:57 pm [ comments]

Mean green after mean joe Greene. My college NTSU were the mean green. He was an amuni. Drafted to nfl 1969 round1

- bill 11-23-2020 10:03 pm [ comments]

I was too old for the big wheel and was jealous of the younger set for having them.

- steve 11-23-2020 10:43 pm [ comments]

Mee too. I was thinking it might be Dave’s bracket exclusively here
- bill 11-24-2020 5:13 am [ comments]

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