Seems like the light is getting a little funky but could be imagining it. Got my lazy ass out on my bike and made it up to the cloisters overlooking the Hudson. 

- dave 4-08-2024 2:55 pm

thought i was getting the full shroud but ended with a crescent. ah well, it was the journey that was the destination all along. dont stop believin', kids.

- dave 4-08-2024 4:24 pm [add a comment]

The birds disappeared. Silver grey atmosphere 

- bill 4-08-2024 5:46 pm [add a comment]

Did the trees cast crescent shaped shadows?

- steve 4-08-2024 8:09 pm [add a comment]

I was driving so couldn't get close enough to know.

- bill 4-08-2024 10:08 pm [add a comment]

yup and pink hearts, orange stars, yellow moons, green clovers and blue diamonds
- dave 4-08-2024 10:09 pm [add a comment]

  • Dave ordered the lucky charms rapture edition eclipse. 

    - bill 4-08-2024 10:11 pm [add a comment]

    • you said only pussies wear protective glasses if i remember correctly. its all kind of a blur.

      - dave 4-08-2024 10:16 pm [add a comment]

    • I was wrapped up like a Duce.
      - bill 4-08-2024 10:26 pm [add a comment]

      • i posted that elsewhere. manfred mann version, of course. he aint the boss of me!

        - dave 4-08-2024 10:49 pm [add a comment]

        • Manfred Mann's Earth Band's recording of the song changes the lyrics. The most prominent change is in the chorus, where Springsteen's "cut loose like a deuce" is replaced with either "revved up like a deuce"[8] or "wrapped up like a deuce".[9][10] The lyric is a reference to the 1932 V8-powered Ford automobile, which enthusiasts dubbed the "deuce coupe" (the "deuce" coming from the 2 in 1932, the first year the V8 was available). Springsteen was fond of classic hot rods in his youth, hence the line "cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night". As the line is frequently misheard as "wrapped up like a douche", Springsteen has joked about confusion over the lyrics, claiming that it was not until Manfred Mann rewrote the song to be about a feminine hygiene product that it became popular.

          - dave 4-08-2024 10:51 pm [add a comment]

          • According to Manfred Mann, it was the idea of drummer Chris Slade to use the chords of "Chopsticks" (the tune had at that point already been integrated into the arrangement) as a transition between song parts. The "deuce"/"douche" confusion stems from technical problems[11] (which can be confirmed by comparing to live recordings).

            I don't think Springsteen liked our Blinded by the Light, 'cos we sang 'wrapped up like a douche', and it wasn't written like that and I screwed it up completely. It sounded like 'douche' instead of 'deuce', 'cos of the technical process a faulty azimuth due to tape-head angles, and it meant we couldn't remix it.

            Warners in America said, 'You've got to change 'douche', 'cos the Southern Bible belt radio stations think it's about a vaginal douche, and they have problems with body parts down there.' We tried to change it to 'deuce' but then the rest of the track sounded horrible, so we had to leave it. We just said, 'If it's not a hit, it's not.'

            But in the end, it was No.1 in America, and so many people came up to us after and said, 'You know why it made No. 1?... Everyone was talking about whether it was deuce or douche.' Apparently Springsteen thought we'd done it deliberately, which we hadn't, so if I ever saw him I'd avoid him and cringe away like a frightened little boy.

             Manfred Mann

            - dave 4-08-2024 10:53 pm [add a comment]

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