New Jersey Tax Dollars at Work

I walked through Liberty State Park today and discovered that the ten acres of paving installed (rapidly, last month) "in response to the 9/11 emergency" is now being completely removed! This is what I found after a couple of weeks absence: lightpoles gone, plastic picket fencing waiting to be hauled off, asphalt scraped off by heavy machines, and brand new concrete curbs and sidewalks busted up into little chunks. I guess Mount Liberty (the mountain of dirt I described above) will be spread around the site and reseeded in the springtime. Well, New Jersey taxpayers paid for this stupid boondoggle of paving and unpaving. But who were the beneficiaries? The Della Pello Contr. Co. is removing the asphalt, and I have no doubt that the Junior Soprano Paving Co. put in the original parking lot. Nothing like an emergency to grease the wheels of commerce. When they say "NJ Family Assistance Center," they're not kidding!
- tom moody 12-10-2001 9:51 pm

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