LSPC and FOLSPshould be in a possition to answer some of these questions or confirm your observations. This one does not look like it's been updated lately but there is a forum.

- bill 11-26-2001 7:32 pm

This is from the FLSOP site; nothing is said about why a Department of Corrections van permanently guards the empty land around the Assistance Center:

"On the 11th, the park became an evacuation and medical emergency triage site as well as a communications and transportation headquarters. NJ’s 'Reflection and Remembrance Observance' at the park on Sunday, 9/23, brought people together for a moving evening, and was shown statewide on cable TV. The 'Family Assistance Center' is still set-up in the Terminal to help victims’ families with emotional, legal and benefits advice.

"Governor DiFrancesco is working with former Governors to plan a victims’ memorial on the lawn between the canal and the Terminal parking lot. At our 10/13 Fall Meeting, it was decided to present a plaque to the park staff, for display in the Visitors Center, and to plant trees next Spring in memory of the victims - both will be done in co-operation with the LSP Conservancy"

- tom moody 11-26-2001 8:33 pm [2 comments]

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