The LSPC site says that FEMA and the Red Cross are operating out of the train station. FEMA is the feds. They work in cooperation with other agencies--who who knows what kind of emergency/law enforcement/internment powers they have? The weasely statement below, also from the LSPC site, about the paving over of the ten acres confirms my worst suspicions that business interests are using the "emergency" as cover for development as usual. That paving went in FAST.

"The Liberty State Park Development Corporation and New Jersey Department of Transportation have deemed it necessary to agree with the proposed plan by the LSP Marina owners and the Liberty State Park Development Corporation to pave over ten acres of open space at Liberty park for bus drop-off lanes for commuters taking ferries across the Hudson.

"The marina's contract with NJDEP required that these ten acres remain public open space and federal regulations ban commuter use of Liberty Park. However, the Friends and Conservancy understand the need to take emergency measures during this period of national crisis. We recognize that temporary provisions such as this will occur and that appropriate long-term solutions should and will be sought when planning conditions return to normal."

I think this is bullshit: ferry traffic from Colgate has been minimal since 9/11.
- tom moody 11-26-2001 8:45 pm

You may get a response from one of the officers of "freinds" if you contact them directly via e.mail. Otis may recognise one or other of the names.
- bill 11-27-2001 12:03 am [add a comment]

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