I'm so ill-informed and naive. I've been wondering how Comcast, a crappy New Jersey cable company, was able to acquire AT&T's broadband division AND get up to speed on how to offer high-speed internet to its cable customers after the Excite@home bankruptcy. Well, duh. I just learned from a New York Times editorial that the Evil Bill Gates Empire owns a share of Comcast, and backed its bid for the AT&T division so it wouldn't fall into the hands of AOL Time Warner. Gates & Co probably helped Comcast with its internet upgrade package, too. Makes sense, since the Comcast browser is just a slightly tweaked Internet Explorer, and Comcast email uses Outlook. With Bush & Co. turning its back on antitrust enforcement, we're basically down to 2 mega-companies struggling for control of the internet, the way the Times sees it. Eventually it'll probably just be one. Yep, that's why terrorists hate us; we have so much freedom.
- tom moody 12-22-2001 9:53 pm

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