dog pile crashed 3 times on me trying to get a c-span II books tv link for "if it bleeds it leeds" (the book) they are supposed to publish the first chapter of books reviewed on air but no showed on a site search. e.bay was down for a while and so was amazon. Slow ? Whats more than slow ?

- bill 8-04-2000 9:39 pm

You using Earthlink? They should have good redundancy (i.e., they should be connected to multiple backbones - the interstate highways of the internet.) The bbn node in Wash D.C. still seems to be completely down. That is a long time for a big switch to be down. Must be pretty major. Tomorrow we'll probably hear about some guy with a backhoe who dug through a fibre cable. Still, earthlink should be able to route around that. My connection seems to be almost back to normal (I'm getting my usual connection speeds to dmtree now.) I was so frustrated this morning I knocked off and spent the day outside. Got to walk home from midtown with Mr. Fink. Nice change of pace from sitting here all day. Hope you have better luck tomorrow Bill.
- jim 8-05-2000 12:52 am [add a comment]

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