I knew you were going to say that, Linda. Look, just because we act like deep-fried cheese-balls
that floated down from the heartland's headwaters, doesn't mean we have to groom like them. We,
of course, try not to tease anything around here including hair. Hey Ren, do you want me to tease
yoour hair? That's funny Dad; hair can't hear!
- frank 6-14-2002 5:21 pm

Frank? Groom? Would that be the monthly shave, the annual haircut, or the biannual purchase of a pair of trousers? At any rate, a successful mullet requires an abscence of male pattern baldness... Apologies for the teasing. No one should not be the victim of ritual serial abuse.
- Tom G 6-15-2002 2:14 am [add a comment]

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