one teeeeeeny little point... although the fmu site states (correctly) that radio broadcasters in the US don't pay performance royalties to owners of sound recordings (eg labels and performers), radio stations DO pay those royalties everywhere else in the (copyright respecting)'s an historical anomaly that the radio stations here escaped paying them. to put it in a more artist friendly light, if a radio station plays a record of stevie wonder singing god bless america 1 million times there is no way for him to charge them...a tv network would have to pay stevie, a movie would have to pay stevie, a restaurant would have to pay stevie, now a website would have to pay stevie, a radio station in canada or mexico would have to pay stevie...but the radio station here gets it free... [please note that i am not an apologist for the labels on this issue, kind of the opposite, but facts is facts]
- big jimmy 7-05-2002 1:44 am

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