What a wonderful critter!& gone from many places; how lucky you are to find one. Did you get to hear its lovely tiny bark? Ren has a pet GrayTiger Salamander we rescued off I-90 in South Dakota, 8 years ago. His name is Sal and he eats crickets and worms out of our hands. Pacific Giants are more delicate and finicky but not impossible to keep as pets. They are amazingly complex and attentive if mind them closely. Once, on Mount Tam a Pacific Giant fell at our feet; it must have come from a long way up in the redwood canopy, and was mortally injured. It really bummed us out and the next year when we saved "Sal" on the interstate(several of his brethren were squashed) Ren was elated. Children really connect to the tenderness of salamanders. The CHeyenne say; if you find one and are weary, touch it to the bottoms of your feet and return it to a safe place near where you found it; your journey will be made more safely now.
- Frank 4-02-2012 6:53 pm

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