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five year east river park plan underway

- dave 12-06-2021 1:53 pm [link] [add a comment]

beautiful photo of central park. hope to visit there some day!

- dave 11-27-2021 3:41 pm [link] [3 comments]

Tapestry showing Arthur as one of the Nine Worthies, wearing a coat of arms often attributed to him (c. 1385)

- dave 11-16-2021 10:01 am [link] [5 comments]

Ford f-100 retro concept E pickup 

- bill 11-05-2021 6:02 pm [link] [5 comments]

have we done the lunch box nostalgia tour before? i had the snoopy one.


- dave 11-04-2021 3:03 pm [link] [9 comments]

Researchers working with Google's quantum computer lab might have created a time crystal. The paper is still in pre print and yet to be peer reviewed. Extremely deep rabbit hole ahead.

- jim 10-03-2021 11:54 am [link] [7 comments]