havent watched any basketball this season but i like to check out the scores now and again. just saw that carmelo anthony has 43 points 3 minutes into the second half. how many players have scored 60 points in a game?

This feat has been accomplished 62 times in NBA history. Twenty different players have scored 60 or more points in a game. Only four players have scored 60 points on more than one occasion: Wilt Chamberlain 32 times, Michael Jordan five times, Kobe Bryant five times, and Elgin Baylor four times.

- dave 1-25-2014 2:02 am

56 at the end of the third quarter. the knicks are up by 35 so it becomes a question of is it bad form to keep piling on the points? the knicks have been pretty wretched this season so if nothing their fans deserve something to get excited about.
- dave 1-25-2014 2:25 am

60 with nine minutes to go. only 5 players have ever scored 70 -- kobe, wilt, elgin baylor, david thompson and david robinson. jordans best was 69.
- dave 1-25-2014 2:30 am

looks like he is done at 62 as i just turned it on and he is sitting on the bench. stupid unwritten code bullshit.
- dave 1-25-2014 2:43 am

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