for all you portlanders wondering why everyone not sporting a handlebar mustache is extra enthusiastic today, here is your two minute recap. nothing beats a buzzer beater to advance to the next round of the playoffs.

- dave 5-03-2014 5:25 pm

btw the the announcer at the end is full of shit. the only people that rushed the court were tv crews and security. but he said it with such enthusiasm so it must be true.
- dave 5-03-2014 5:30 pm

Portland wins due to NBA's warp in the space-time continuum.
- mark 5-04-2014 10:26 pm

howd you dig that up from 2011?

grantland was imagined as something akin to this with broader cross cultural think pieces (not that i like klosterman) but its most talented writers turned out to be sports grinds and statheads. i like some of their tv and movie reviewers too, but ultimately it has fallen short of its loftier aims. still, its a pretty fair reflection of its editor in chief and probably the culture at large which is why it has been pretty successful by most accounts.
- dave 5-04-2014 11:18 pm

Teh googles. I don't follow basketball much. Watching the replays I was trying to figure out what happened between sinking the ball at 0.9 and inbounding the ball at 0.9. What magical thing allowed them to inbound at half court? Anyway, after maybe ten minutes of googling, I came across that.

Soccer has some sort of "bonus time" at the end of the game based on something. Formula 1 has an ongoing controversy about races at the end of the season being worth more points this year. But it seems like all the sports could make the final moments more interesting. In football, after the two minute warning, teams on offense get a free advance to mid-field. In baseball, ninth inning, pitcher sits down, batters play t-ball. Tennis, triple faults in the final set to encourage serving winners. Ice hockey, in the third half of the game boxing judges award a goal to the team which has the best ice boxers. And back to basketball, three point line? Good. Three point line AND a four point line? Better. Three, four and five point lines? Now we're talking.
- mark 5-05-2014 4:32 am

to be honest i never realized that the rule was only in effect at the end of the game, or is it the end of each quarter? i already forgot.

in soccer the clock never stops for injuries or goals or if the ball leaves the field of play or for substitutions so it is at the discretion of the head referee how much time to add on at the end of each half to compensate. but part of that is to allow for the possibility of an exciting play to end the game because even it they say five minutes are being added that still is not an exact amount. theyll more often blow the whistle after a last effort fails even if it exceeds the allotted time especially if the team ahead attempts to waste more time during "bonus time" or as its called, stoppage time.

as for basketball some rule changes have been bandied about by the editor of grantland on a few occasions (sure you could google around to find those) but also now by the league office as they have a new commissioner this year who might be interested in tinkering. a half court shot certainly is among them but i doubt youd see many launched except for at the end of each quarter. not sure it would make for better baskeball to see them heaving longer shots. moreso, it would be more interesting if the ends of games didnt devolve into free throw contests and myriad timeouts to set up plays. (of course timeouts mean more ads which for the most part is fine with the nba.) although when the play works like it did with the trailblazers it certainly can be memorable.

regarding football i do recall someone suggesting that teams should not be allowed to take a knee at the end of football games to run out the clock. might cause some potential havoc. also they are working towards making the extra point a little less of a gimme by moving it back a few yards.

ill take a pass on the rest of your ideas though in another dimension where deathsports are a noble pastime im sure iceboxing is all the rage.

- dave 5-05-2014 5:19 am

like many i found this amusing. the rapper drake is a toronto raptors fan but also apparently a minor fop. here he was caught lint rolling his pants courtside during a playoff game. give him and the raptors credit though, they had a free lint roller give away at one of the next games which he embraced with good humor.

cant get the gif to load so heres a link.

- dave 5-06-2014 4:20 am

A few years ago I went to a hockey game with a coworker and her husband. They are very nice, as are many Canadians. But when a fight broke out, she went nuts, jumping to her feet, yelling, et cetera. That was my first hockey game since watching the Houston Aeros (World Hockey Association) in about '74. I had no idea how big the fighting thing was.
- mark 5-06-2014 6:08 am

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