kind of put the world cup out of my mind since the unfortunate events on tuesday. but here we are in the quarterfinals with france v. germany on now and columbia v. brasil later. somehow i think germany will get through though i guess im rooting for france. note to american uniform makers: that is a much better red, white and blue look.

as for the later game, i guess im all in on columbia though i have no problem with brasil continuing on. they must have a transcendent game in them at some point in this tournament despite an underwhelming striker who goes by the singular "fred".

aaaaand germany goes up 1-0.

- dave 7-04-2014 5:16 pm

i heard espn thought that had the us played argentina tomorrow it would have been the biggest non-superbowl audience for an american sporting event at about 40 million viewers.
- dave 7-04-2014 5:57 pm

that german goaltender, neuer, is the best in the world.
- dave 7-04-2014 6:55 pm

i would have put my money on germany anyway in a face off with brasil in the semi-finals but neymars fractured vertebrae makes their victory even more likely. i guess that was one injury he was not exaggerating.
- dave 7-05-2014 3:54 am

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