semifinal match between brasil and germany today. got my money on germany but as i only bet myself im assured a win though my bookie still took his vig. seems like i could have worked that out better but i just couldnt trust myself to pay up without the lingering threat of reprisal.

- dave 7-08-2014 5:47 pm

- dave 7-08-2014 9:24 pm

wow wow wow.
- dave 7-08-2014 9:25 pm

brasil may disband as a country.
- dave 7-08-2014 9:29 pm

This is really tough to watch.
- linda 7-08-2014 9:50 pm

you know its bad when i leave to do a thorough kitchen clean up or what most people would call "a shit job." the only thing worse than this brasil defense is my cheap ass linoleum flooring.
- dave 7-08-2014 10:05 pm

I had to get a dark and stormy.
- linda 7-08-2014 10:19 pm

if you had gotten a mojito and someone had asked how you were doing, you could have said "ill muddle through."
- dave 7-08-2014 10:42 pm

someone might care a little too much.

- dave 7-08-2014 10:59 pm

even christ the redeemer lost his faith.

- dave 7-08-2014 11:01 pm

i wouldn't wander around brazil late tonight with my muller shirt on.
- linda 7-09-2014 1:08 am

from what we have been led to believe generally speaking its best not to wander around brasil late at night.
- dave 7-09-2014 1:41 am

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