since 2004 only six men other than federer, djokovic and nadal have won a major. today at 4 will be #7 because djokovic inadvertently pelted a lineswoman when he was slamming a ball in frustration. was an automatic disqualification though he clearly wasnt aiming for her. so, two younger up and comers get their shot, some austrian and a russian. ill learn their names when they win. russian is actually zverev. im spacing on the austrian though i watched his semifinal match. 

nice to see osaka win again. third one for her and only 22 years old. women need someone other than 39 yo serena to win consistently.

- dave 9-13-2020 1:54 pm

No cable here otherwise I would have watched yesterday, glad she won!

- Skinny 9-13-2020 2:47 pm

this looks like it works you have to click thru pop up ad at beginning.

- dave 9-13-2020 4:13 pm

wish i would have know for the woman, thanks dave


- Skinny 9-13-2020 5:08 pm

I like Osaka, her playing and her interviews.  Would like to watch the game but the link asks that you create an account.

- steve 9-13-2020 11:44 pm

those sites are just for live sports. they take some navigating around to get to the streams and some are just scammy to get you to sign up for something probably bogus. dont know if there are any replays available for free to find. heres a 3 minute highlight package.

- dave 9-14-2020 12:40 am

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