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December 24, 2013




The Old Year Now

The Old Year now away is fled
The New Year it is entered
Then let us now our sins down-tread
And joyfully all appear!
Let’s merry be this day
And let us now both sport and play
Hang grief, cast care away!
God send you a happy New Year!

The name-day now of Christ we keep
Who for our sins did often weep
His hands and feet were wounded deep
And his blessed side with a spear
His head they crowned with thorns
And at him they did laugh and scorn
Who for our good was born;
God send us a happy New Year!

And now with New Year’s gifts each friend
Unto each other they do send
God grant we may all our lives amend
And that the truth may appear!
Now like the Snake your skin
Cast off of evil thought and sin
And so the year begin
God send us a happy New Year!

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