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I've seen her around the neighborhood before, although I admit I had no idea she was a certifiable genius. Seems weird enough that one of you guys must know her. Anyway, she's clearly a marketing genius. The site, sadly, doesn't touch on her more visionary pursuits, but it does offer over a thousand pairs of elf panties for sale. Oh wait, maybe that is the work. From the site:

Unfortunately, art stardom is one of the least lucrative career paths a gal can take. Despite the fact that I'm a creative genius, I have a lot of trouble making ends meet because I'm wrapped up in my visionary artistic pursuits. Not only that, I have so many pairs of panties, I don't know what to do with them. So I thought it would be both altruistic and profitable to open up a superstore, so to speak, filled with my panties. To make matters worse I am a compulsive shopper. At last count, I had 1,172 pairs of panties, and my collection just keeps on growing. By purchasing apair of my "gently worn" panties, not only will you get to enjoy unfathomnable sensory pleasures, you will be supporting the avant-garde and contributing to the course of art history as we know it.
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- jim 5-29-2002 11:27 pm [link] [3 refs] [3 comments]