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Richard Box is an artist in residence in the Department of Physics at Bristol University. I've never heard of him before (no big surprise) but this looks pretty interesting to me:

FIELD represents a considerable development in Richard's work, whilst previous projects have included ambiguous glass objects much of the outcome has been photographic. FIELD is a major undertaking which will include the installation of several thousand ready- made glass fluorescent tubes. The bulbs will be 'planted' across the site at the foot of an electricity pylon, and will pick up the waste emission from the overhead power line. The piece is simple yet spectacular, making visible what would otherwise go unnoticed. The FIELD of tubes will flicker into life across the hillside as the early evening light fades. The performance each evening is hard to anticipate since it is heavily dependent on the weather. In all the best traditions of land art it is conditional on the variations of the great outdoors, and requires its audience to be patient. Here a parallel can be struck between FIELD and Walter DeMaria's, Lightning Field sited in the Nevada Desert - many visitors travel for days to see it, camp beside it and are lucky if they experience the sort of storm that will make the lightning dance across the 'field' of conductors.
Here's the Bristol University press release. And here's the slashdot story.

Anybody here seen the DeMaria in person? I'd really like to go there someday (although I think it's in New Mexico, not Nevada as the quote above says.)
- jim 2-22-2004 9:25 pm [link] [6 comments]