this feature gallery artist went to peru and studied/ingested ayahuasca, and did this body of work

"Long has Jesse Bransford been gleaning archaic and peripheral cultures for their icons, signs, and remnants of their deep, in search of being privy to the cosmic passage of the essence that endures, and sharing it. One such recent investigation has been that of the psychotropic ayahuasca experience as guided by Norma, an Amazonian curandero (healer, shaman). The culture, plant(s) and their properties, as well as the experiences and its repercussions are chronicled in these recent works on paper."

I like his older wook too as I love the old books on Alchemy

- Skinny 3-23-2010 1:59 pm

Thanks, I didn't know Jesse had that blog. I did a couple of posts on him and he was an occasional (welcome) commenter on my Tree blog.
- tom moody 3-23-2010 4:06 pm [add a comment]

cool, linda said i i sell a work we own i can buy one of his....
- Skinny 3-24-2010 1:52 pm [add a comment]

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