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Just back from the John Baldessari and Alejanndro Cesarco talk at Murray Guy. They were the visual arts mentor / protege pairing in the Rolex program this past year. Baldessari seems like a really nice and very smart guy. I'll bet he's an excellent teacher. And probably really fun to hang out with. I'm jealous.

There was also an exhibit of a collaboration between the two artists showing at the same time. I really like the work. You can read a blurb here and see one of the twelve images (although because of the way Murray Guy did their website this won't be a permanent URL! Hello?)
- jim 11-11-2007 1:23 am [link] [1 ref] [add a comment]

in a global contemporary art context, how do we explain that this is not a good art idea? or even a good art idea but a bad personal choice for the artist. or am i just being too 1st world.

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An Interview with architect Lebbeus Woods.
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fletcher hanks (about)

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caught looking

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Kustom Kar Kommando
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