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This week in the magazine, Peter Schjeldahl reviews the Paul Thek retrospective at the Whitney Museum of Art. Here Schjeldahl looks at Thek’s work, from his wax sculptures and self portraits to his more recent abstract paintings.

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Via Kottke, paintings by Andy Denzler that look like highly compressed jpegs. Sort of Richter like?
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Building Mapping - Vimeo Festival.

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Saw six very early Trisha Brown (WikiP entry) dance pieces performed yesterday at the Whitney. Intimate and clever, the dances happened literally in and among the crowd with the exception of one piece ("Walking on the Wall" 1971) where the dancers were suspended overhead dancing on the walls. The first piece ("Accumulation" 1971) was, strangely for me, a sort of deconstructed hippie dance to the entire LP version of the the Grateful Dead's Uncle John's Band. Afterwards everyone went outside for the final piece where a traffic stopping throng of gawking New Yorkers watched dancer Elizabeth Streb walk down the exterior of the building ("Man Walking Down the Side of a Building" 1970.)

The NY Times had a nice write up of the Thursday performance. Couple pictures in the comments.
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At the National Gallery’s “Arcimboldo, 1526-1593: Nature and Fantasy” it’s easy enough to see why the Surrealists adopted this quirky artist (who had been more or less obscure since his death). Dalí and Magritte picked up on the uncanniness of his main conceit, building heads out of other body parts and bits of the landscape. Man Ray made a direct homage in paint to the gnarled-branch face of Arcimboldo’s “Winter.” Alfred Barr, the founding director of the Museum of Modern Art, included Arcimboldo in a 1936 show called “Fantastic Art, Dada and Surrealism.”
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Next, we move to the left-hand vertical of our [semiotic] Square "positive deixis"

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