Tom's astute equation of The Boards Of Canada and afterschool specials in his techno diary reminded me that I've been meaning to post a couple of links on this page.
On a hunch I bought on ebay a 16mm print of OWL AND LEMMING by the Dutch animator Co Hoedeman. The film is an adaptation of an Eskimo legend, one of a series he did in collaboration with Inuit artists and musicians.
The film blows my socks off.
16mm prints and videos of the complete series are available through The Film Board Of Canada.
- steve 3-31-2002 3:48 pm

One of these Monday nights I'll be screening Owl and Lemming at our music/film nights in the backroom of the Parkside Lounge (corner of Attourney and Houston, NYC)
We do these shows the first Monday of every month (next one is tomorrow) 9pm to 2am or thereabouts, admission is free. Chatting and socializing during the films and music is encouraged, it's a loungy sort of thing doncha know.

- steve 3-31-2002 4:04 pm [add a comment]

Sounds truly sweet...I'll bring The song Of Mukhomor with us
when we come. It's the only video I know of of the people
of Kamchatka & has actual Amanita chewing grannys wailing away. Nanook blew my mind as a kid watching his whole family pile out of the kayak. Have you ever come across the Holy Ghost People, the old one about the pentacostal Rattlesnake handlers guzzling strychnine.
- frank 4-01-2002 3:42 am [add a comment]

"Have you ever come across the Holy Ghost People, the old one about the pentacostal Rattlesnake handlers guzzling strychnine."
That does ring a bell. It protected them against the venom, no? Holy Ghost People, as in the Lakota Ghost Dancers? Probably not. Refresh my memory please.
- steve 4-01-2002 5:30 am [add a comment]

  • The Holy Ghost People was shot in Tennessee & West Virginia? The strychnine drinking & snakehandling are nearly extinct remnants of Faith -Testing. The folk-pathology has a Finsteresque
    flavor... a speaking in forked tongues kind of thing.
    - frank 4-01-2002 8:34 pm [add a comment]

    • No, I haven't seen it. Sounds great though. I'll put it on my list.
      - steve 4-02-2002 3:18 am [add a comment]

      • I caught that on 13 a while back and the guitar/tamborine rythem section kicked. Maybe can track down a video copy from pbs directly.

        - bill 4-10-2002 1:28 am [add a comment]

Damn, Steve, I wish that Parkside thing could be on Tues, when I'm not working. I'd like to see Owl and Lemming, though. Re Boards of Canada, the musicians: I find it amazing that they created an entire sound and vibe out of those melancholy, wind-blowing-through-a-ghost-town scores of Film-Board-of-Canada films. Not just the films, but childhood memories of the films: the way it felt to be trapped in the house with the TV on a long afternoon. BoC's use of children's voices in fleeting samples heightens the mood. The plaintive analog synths are Madeleines recalling bomb shelter childhoods.
- tom moody 4-01-2002 6:14 pm [add a comment]

  • Monday night is a tough one for me too now that I'm a member of the rank and file. Tuesday mornings are a drag. Since I now have a print of Owl and Lemming in my possession, screening the film for you wouldn't be difficult. Just don't expect me to provide the Parkside vibe in my apartment.
    I wish you could make it to the show, I heard from Byrne last night, he's probably gonna show up, said he's meaning to give you a call.
    I'm looking forward to hearing that new Boards Of Canada. I really liked the first album when I first picked it up, but it began to grate on my nerves for some reason. I put it on a couple of months ago for the first time in a few years and found myself really enjoying it again.
    - steve 4-02-2002 3:26 am [add a comment]

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