a friend has been using this dvd delivery service called netflix and really likes it. no late fees ! the envelopes show up in a day or two w/ a prepaid return mailer envelope included

- bill 7-18-2002 6:53 pm

I was given a subscription recently, just placed my first order, seems like a great idea. I think Dave wrote about it once, maybe at dratfink. I haven't really read all the fine print but it seems like they want me (they've emailed me voicing concern? that I only have three movies in my queue, order more they say) to use the hell out it. So for 20 bucks a month it's unlimited how many you can order? as long as they receive the returns in the mail. So, another Rocheblave amenity (a fridge with beer in it is really the only other one), great for those dog days of summer.
- jimlouis 5-11-2003 8:03 pm [add a comment]

yeah, ive written about it before. i think big jimmy might have an account, or he did at some point. i read somewhere that if you rent more than 5 movies a month that they actually lose money. doesnt seem like a good business plan that theyd want their customers NOT to use their service but what do i know.

if you were asking me how many can you order, i believe you can have 4 movies maximum out at any given time. as soon as you return them, theyll send you more from youre queue, assuming they are available.
- dave 5-11-2003 8:10 pm [add a comment]

Funny, MB and I were just discussing Netflix this morning. We're going to try.

From what I understand it is unlimited (for $20/month) but you can only have 3 at one time. And they want you to make a lot of choices so they have a lot of choices about what to send you (i.e., you pick 10 or 20 movies and then they send you 3, and when you send one back they send another from your choices - but you don't know exactly which of your choices they'll send next.)

Lots of bloggers have written about this and it seems like the way they work it is to prioritize new customers. So at first it will work well and you'll get the movies you want, but then as you become a veteran customer you'll get bumped to the back of the line and they'll give newer customers better access.

Still, I spend more than $20/month just in late fees! And the store is right across the street.
- jim 5-11-2003 8:22 pm [add a comment]

More than I knew, thanks.
- jimlouis 5-11-2003 8:23 pm [add a comment]

sorry, three movies at a time.
- dave 5-11-2003 8:25 pm [add a comment]

I'vw been using Netfilx since Feb. I like it as there are no good video stores nearby. Their list is not great but beats the hell out of bl0ckbust3r and they're convenient. Currently I've got La Notte and A Girl In Black out, have had them for the past 3.5 weeks, I've been too busy to watch and I don't think there's a way to stop the que. It seems to take about 5 days from the time you return one to the time you receive it's replacement, but since the tendancy is to return them as you view them there is a pretty steady feed. I don't think it as great a savings as it seems unless you're prone to running up latefees.
- steve 5-12-2003 8:19 am [add a comment]

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