impulse purchase - john schlesingers Darling.
- dave 2-07-2004 7:48 pm

ive been forcing everyone that comes by to watch The Office which i bought on dvd. feels like they are channeling schlesingers Billy Liar at times.
- dave 2-07-2004 7:55 pm [add a comment]

the other day on public transit I overheard this from someone else's conversation; " I can't watch it - my own life is hard enough. Why do I need to put myself through other people's pain?" and I assumed they were talking about The Offfice, because, though I laughed and laughed and laughed I also writhed in genuine agony and felt intense relief when it was done. But it turned out they were talking about Survivor.
- sally mckay 2-08-2004 12:39 am [add a comment]

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