the nude bomb

- bill 6-24-2004 7:08 pm

I am so glad you have dug up Maxwell Smart. He was one slick character.
- selma 6-24-2004 7:12 pm [add a comment]

my favorite character is Hymie (besides the gear-fab barbara feldon) the robot (played by dick gautier) and my favorite gag line which he used over and over and over again was : "My fathers name was Hymie.' heres his profile :

Real name: Hymie the Robot
Cover Identity: Debonair Agent
Special Skills: IQ is over 200, Weight 982lbs., Rechargeable
Needs Improvement: Takes everything literally, Requires greasing every thousand miles
Close Friends: Ethel the PBX Board, Frances the coffee machine, Bruce the Elevator
Hometown: Dr. Ratton's lab, later KAOS
Interests: a good glass of kerosene (now and then)

and heres the GS reading room
- bill 6-24-2004 7:54 pm [add a comment]

while im at it. id just like to boost the tv show Monk in connection to relentlessly repetitive gags :

a rookie dectective buys a fake rolex and chimes in with the wrong time throughout the entire show requiring constant correction. unfazed he never doubts its authenticity and refers to it as his rolex ( he paid $300.00 for it from a street vendor). in the end it craps out and he repeats his fools errand and overpays for a new fake rolex which procedes to spontaniously combusts on his wrist.

the second pete repeat-a-bit took place in front of a construction site in times square. every time monk starts a sentence a jackhammer would start up and drownd him out and he'd have to break off and restart his comment and the jack-hammer would start again. the cycle is repeated over a dozen times in a row. thats pure andy breckman (the creator) humor and i live for it.
- bill 6-24-2004 9:13 pm [add a comment]

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