nuggets from a tellall about hollywood in the fifties.

heres a guy with an incredible body of work. the sidney falco character from sweet smell of success was a self caricature.

sweet smell and night of the hunter, which he didnt write (charles laughton did) were both critically acclaimed but box office flops. (i saw a couple of minutes of spike lees do the right thing last night. in hunter, robert mitchum has love and hate scrawled on his knuckles and he uses them to illustrate his struggle with righteousness. in do the right thing, the character has a pair of those brass knuckle-like rings for your entire hand. on one hand he had love and the other hate. the character does the entire mitchum monologue updated for 80s brooklyn speech patterns.)

kim novak of vertigo fame had an intimate relationship with sammy davis jr. her studio chief forced her to break it off if she wanted to maintain her career.

- dave 11-16-2006 4:48 pm

if lehmans bio is correct. he remarried at 82 after his wifes death and had a child at 87 before dying at 90!
- dave 11-16-2006 4:59 pm [add a comment]

npr piece on lehman after his death.
- dave 11-16-2006 5:01 pm [add a comment]

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