IMAX 3D HFR -- That's the format I chose for viewing the latest Hobbit. The high frame rate (48 Hz I believe) and lack of film grain give the slow moving parts of the film an "uncinematic look". Since this film seems to be mostly battle scenes, the 48 Hz is welcome. It allows motion to be smoother.

In the first Hobbit, there were some effects that looked clunkier in 48 Hz than 24 Hz. I attribute this to the fact the 24 Hz, by being clunky, hides clunkiness. There was some of this in Hobbit Part the Third in HFR, but not much.

I don't know whether to attribute it to cinematographic choices, or the 3D, but there were a few scenes that felt like I was looking at a miniature, sort of the effect one sees in tilt-shift without being tilt-shift. This was distracting when it happened.

- mark 12-17-2014 6:54 am

the cinematic choice would have been to not make the movie unless in peter jacksons mind the covetousness of the dwarves was supposed to represent himself and the studio behind him sitting on a gold mine while being completely unworthy of possessing it.
- dave 1-14-2015 2:56 pm [add a comment]

i dont have the patience to rewatch it but somebody has cut the three movies down to a 4 hr film. catch it before its removed for infringement.

- dave 1-20-2015 4:03 pm [add a comment]

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