Kodak resurrects Super 8 with a new video camera:

Kodak says that it will launch multiple Super 8 cameras, film development services and post production tools as part of its Super 8 Revival plan.

"It is an ecosystem for film" Jeff Clarke, Eastman Kodak Chief Executive Officer, said in a statement. "Following the 50th anniversary of Super 8, Kodak is providing new opportunities to enjoy and appreciate film as a medium."

D'oh. Dave beat me to it.
- jim 1-05-2016 5:01 pm

that caught my eye earlier toady too. looks right. i still have a bolex and my dads last cannon.
- bill 1-05-2016 5:19 pm [add a comment]

I'm pretty shocked myself. I like the look of super 8 and I'm in favor of it as just an all around cool thing. But my god that has to be a huge investment for Kodak. I find it weird business-wise that they would do it. Not like millions of people are going to start shooting super 8 of their vacations and sending it back to Kodak for developing.

- jim 1-05-2016 5:31 pm [add a comment]

Cool idea but it seems unfeasible - $50-$75 for three minutes of film plus a digital copy, with sound, that's before processing and editing. For it to succeed as a format I would think lot of people would have to take it up. The 6-48mm zoom lens is cool. I'd rather have a longer zoom because I think a 48mm on a super-8 camera still falls into the category of wide angle, but hardly any super-8 cameras had zooms as wide as 6mm.
- steve 1-07-2016 12:46 pm [add a comment]

Pro-8 film, processing and digitizing.
- steve 1-07-2016 6:58 pm [add a comment]

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