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The following posts include (1) "footnotes" for The Doris Piserchia Website (link at left), (2) texts-in-process that will eventually appear there, (3) texts from other websites, and (we hope) (4) stimulating discussion threads. The picture to the left is the back cover of The Spinner (book club edition), depicting a citizen of Eastland "hanging out" while Ekler the cop and Rune the idiot-superman look on.

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French Star Rider Cover

Another French cover surfaces: Cavalière des étoiles (Star Rider). Go, '70s earth mama! Other news: SF Site is now linking here in its list of author pages - P. Also, a Russian site. Lastly, I added a chapter from Earth in Twilight to the Excerpts page. That page is really critical as far as snaring potential new readers, and it's been weak. This new addition gives a good feel for the rhythm of DP's writing, I think, which is so hard to capture in excerpts.

UPDATE: Added the French Star Rider cover to the first page of the book cover gallery.

- tom moody 3-17-2004 7:20 pm [link] [add a comment]