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So much has happened while I've been away (well, I haven't really been away, but I've been too busy to write.) I'm going to try to catch up on a few highlights.

First up, the mozilla web browser has finally reached 1.0. They are calling it 1.0 Release Candidate 1 (RC1.) So while it's not the official we promise it's done 1.0 release (which should come in the fall) it is a maybe it's done 1.0 release. And really it is done. I'm sure they will do a lot of polishing between now and the final 1.0, but it's ready to go today. It really works well. I strongly encourage everyone to check it out. Moving away from Internet Explorer is very important for the future health (and diversity) of the web. You can download it here (9 to 14 megs, depending on your platform.)

I've been using Mozilla as my main browser since 0.9.4. I thought 0.9.8 was basically good enough - but it had some serious text area weirdness that kept me from recommending it. I'm all about text areas. 1.0 RC1 fixed that and other less anoying stuff. I still don't use mail, or news reader, or composer, or IM - but the browser itself is rock solid (on OS X at least,) renders fast, and once you use tab browsing there is no going back.

It took a long time, but this really is a triumph.

I'll also note chimera which is a project to build a native Mac OS X browser using gecko, the heart of the Mozilla browser project. (Mozilla is all open, so it's not only good in itself, but it enables all sorts of other creative projects.) While I think Mozilla looks good on OS X, chimera looks amazing. Native OS X apps have access to sophisticated text rendering, and this puts it to good use. Chimera is only at 0.2.6, and not really usable yet. But if it gets there I'll switch.

If you're on OS X and want some guidence, click through to the comments below...
- jim 5-01-2002 5:20 pm [link] [8 refs] [7 comments]

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