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I've temporarily given non logged in users the ability to edit over at genevawebsites so that you could check out what I'm up to if you wish. Go to http://genevawebsites.com/test/ and there is some text that (hopefully) explains a little about what is possible. I'm pretty sure only a few people read this page, so I'm hoping leaving it open for a bit will be okay.

On a related note, I'm less happy with genevawebsites.com as a name now. Was hoping to maybe get genevaweb.com or gvaweb.com instead (gva is the geneva airport code) but of course they are taken. gvaspot.com is available, but I think too derivative of blogspot. gvasites.com is available but I'm not quite feeling that. It's really hard to pick a short name that's not already taken. I would even abandon geneva altogether if I could think of something better, although I think it has a nice ring to it. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions I am all ears.

- jim 6-06-2013 4:18 pm [link] [8 comments]

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