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Fatal Futures
Mr. BC asked me the other day how it was for me in Rappahannock. He may have been referring to the fact that I seem pretty well adjusted to my environment given that the environment here could be said to be diametrically opposed to the one I left in New Orleans.

ďItís good. Itís easy to forget,Ē I said.

Fís new friend, B, who with F broke into the Dumaine house several weeks ago and stole a registered handgun from E, was jailed last week for two counts of aggravated rape.

S, who me and a friend tried to help for awhile and then succeeded only in helping to put him in jail, may be out of jail now, a legal adult, which is the thing he always wanted to be. With no guidance and no proper education beyond that rich but possibly fatal future doled out on the New Orleans streets.

I was sitting on the back porch gazing out beyond the swimming pool and the acres of soft, green, manicured grass, at the solid, peaceful, non-threatening Blue Ridge Mountains. Itís easy to forget.

Mr. BCís wife, over broiled Tilapia in lemon sauce, with asparagus and salad, asked me have any of the boys I know in New Orleans committed murder. The answer is yes. As to her question how do I feel about that and her sisterís question why have I stayed there so long, all the words that try to answer those questions ultimately succumb to the indecision of I donít know.

X kill A at St. Philip and Dorgenios.

E2, in jail on drug charges, is charged with one count of murder, and two counts of attempted murder.

J is recovering nicely from the seven gunshot wounds he received last year. The three wounds to his face have altered his appearance somewhat.

There were three young New Orleans girls I was privileged to know for a few years, who I watched grow up in American squalor, who had so much human spirit about them, who made me laugh, and now thinking about, not knowing about, make me cry.

J2, now 17, and early on perceived as the brightest of a bunch, canít pass the mandated state tests and has stalled out in 9th grade. He will enter a job training/GED program this coming school year.

L, who was doing Algebra in 8th grade, a thing which set him far apart from his peers, dropped out in 10th grade, became a corporal in a 6th Ward army, and most recently upset an aunt enough to have her put out a peace bond on him. Which means she wants him to stay the fuck away, and is asking the police to help her realize that.

And G didnít ask for any of this. He wanted something happier, safer, cleaner, less threatening day after day after day.

The thing is, about forgetting, you have to start over every day.
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