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GIF from the video "Money 2" by Yoshi Sodeoka and Lorna Mills created for NOVA

- L.M. 4-25-2012 1:11 am [link] [add a comment]

GIF from the video "Money 2" by Yoshi Sodeoka and Lorna Mills created for NOVA

- L.M. 4-25-2012 1:10 am [link] [add a comment]

"Money2" by Lorna Mills and Yoshi Sodeoka is a brief, merciless video assembled from Lorna Mills's found and altered animated gif collages. These looping animations play against a soundtrack by Plink Flojd, a super audiovideo collective started by David Quiles Guillo with co-founders Yoshi Sodeoka and Eric Mast.

"Money2" is the cacophonous, dysfunctional, absurd, idiotic sequel to Pink Floyd's classic “Money”. The band’s original version from the 70’s exhorted their audience to reject wealth and conspicuous consumption, while at the same time launching them into the stratosphere of commercial success.

Pink Floyd's "Money" remains an enormously popular song, despite the fact that all of the ideas about capitalism embedded in the song are now four decades out of date. Money2 expands the original imagery to include the darkness, desperation, folly and anxiety that surrounds wealth and the lack of it.

By pairing a mashed, mangled musical version with found then re-arranged animated gifs, Pink Floyd’s “Money” is revived and buried alive at the same time.

Canadian artist Lorna Mills has actively exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions since the early 1990's, both in Canada and Internationally. Her practice has included obsessive Ilfochrome printing, obsessive painting, obsessive super 8 film & video, and obsessive animated GIFs all incorporated into restrained installation work.

This video is just one in a series of Plink Flojd collaborations with artists from all over the World that is currently being premiered in its entirety in an audio-visual installation at NOVA®, in São Paulo, Brazil.

- L.M. 4-25-2012 1:08 am [link] [add a comment]

Sheroes #8: Marianne Faithfull

Featuring The Global Gif Aristocracy (von Sacher-Masoch line)

- L.M. 4-07-2012 4:33 pm [link] [add a comment]