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archive of posts for the year 2009


December31st50495Jon Davies' Top Ten
50490Sholem Krishtalka's top ten list for 2009
30th50488Gabrielle Moser and Terence Dick
50486Mike Canzi's Top Ten
29th50479Peter Bowyer's Top Ten for 2009
28th50471Andrew Harwood Top ten 2009
27th50462Sunday - Dusty Springfield
26th50455Leah Sandals' 10 most memorable events/items/stuffs/experiences of 2009
23rd50435R.M. Vaughan - Ten Most Disappointing Things About 2009
50433A.B. Top Ten 2009
22nd50428agenda future of reading
21st50418Anthony Easton 2009 top ten
19th50411art criticism panel
18th50399found Cat orgy GIF
17th50395inverted xmas from hell GIFs
16th50390Sharon Switzer
15th50384Stephen Andrews - As Above So Below
14th50378animal cluster GIF
13th50372Sunday - The Crystals
12th50368The harsh Truth of the Camera Eye by R.M. Vaughan
11th50363Top Ten 2009 call
10th50357fucked animal GIFs
9th50351found dance animals
8th50343Beth Stuart - If Not This, What
7th50338The Indian Act
5th50329Krampus Day!!
3rd50322Libby Hague - billboards
2nd50308Crossing Lines: an Intercultural Dialogue
1st50298oozing brain gifs
November30th50289november garden
29th50285Samia Gamal
28th50281Tomorrow-Today Alarm Clock
27th50280Artfag terrorizes a young Ryerson journalism student
50279Simpleposie is back
26th50276Tanya Read and Scott Carruthers - The Becoming
24th50265Fastwürms - Getaway Cars and Safe Houses
23rd50259animal painting GIFS
21st50251Bloor Street Light, Art and Food Event
19th50242Peter Smith
18th50229ethel and the Mormons
17th50220cats for Leah Sandals
16th50210MAPS IN DOUBT - Sandra Rechico and Gwen MacGregor
15th50204Sunday - Gerry & The Pacemakers
14th50203found arm candy gif
13th50198Cockweasle - workstuff
11th50181Nov. 11
10th50175Jamie Tolagson - Homemade Aesthetics
8th50160Sunday - Yehudi Menuhin
7th50153recent reviews
6th50147Email from Anthony Easton
5th50132Kevin Yates at Susan Hobbs
3rd50116Janet Bellotto - Wave
2nd50112David Crawford - Stop Motion Studies
1st50098Sunday - Narcocorridos
October31st50091Batty halloween
30th50084John Raulston Saul
29th50079Terrence Dick - Adrian Searle
28th50069Justin Kemp sixpack
27th50063Emmor Ray Sperry
26th50055Anna Pantchev & James Gauvreau - The Invarient Set
25th50053Sunday - Paul Robeson
24th50050Nicolas Sassoon
22nd50040found froggy gif
21st50029Cesta Sleep Country
20th50021more fire tree
19th50010fire tree
18th50000 Sunday - THE GUESS WHO
17th49994found seal gif
16th49978some abstract canadians
15th49967Derek Sullivan - WAITING GAME
14th49957daft darwinians and the parrot
13th49948Lois Andison - Heartbreaking 91
12th49937found golf ball gif
11th49934Sunday - Yma Sumac
10th49933lois Andison
9th49923Peter Bowyer - Fannie & super-8 animations
8th49913Russell Smith Eat your heart out, Toronto-haters
7th49903Fastwürms - Skry-Pod
6th49889nuit brat
5th49882nuit grid
4th49874Sunday charo
3rd49870Dan Graham Pavilions
2nd49854Laura Kikauka
1st49845Cesta Fridge Magnet 2
September30th49835fMRI dead Salmon
29th49821Luke Hart - Walking With Synthetic Being Seven (Peg Leg)
28th49810Kate is so brave and her hair is so shiny.
27th49802Sunday 60's pop
26th49795phentex slippers
25th49777Ethel and the Mermen with guest Merman C.'Conga' Cesta
24th49774still yakking
23rd49762Balint Zsako
22nd49754Reconstruction images General idea
21st49748Luke Painter - Flash animations
20th49741Sunday - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
19th49734found dog hump gif
18th49726Jason McLean
17th49714Art & Education Papers, Affect of Animated GIFs
16th49705Arena Road game at MOCCA
15th49701The 1984 Miss General Idea Pavillion
14th49693Jim Carroll rip
13th49685Sunday Sparks
12th49677Kristan Horton: Orbits
11th49671Ed Pien - Tree Museum
10th49664Heidi Schaefer - elevation
9th49655Semir Zeki
7th49640Dyan Marie - Tree museum
6th49634Sunday Devotional: Split Enz
5th49626Krauss & choo choo train of history
4th49612leopard GIF
3rd49609Neurobrains & Barbara Stafford
2nd49604Shelly Bahl International Woman of Mystery
1st49595moon moire gif
August31st49590Smolin & Paterson & Gryb panel
28th49572air con - proudly Canadian
27th49558Email from M. Jean
25th49543Remix panel at AGO
49540Wil Murray - We Pet Your Cat to Death?
24th49534VVORK - IMG MGMT
49530Outsider / Picture Show - Simon McNally
23rd49520Sunday - Ball of Confusion
22nd49515Humberto Vélez
21st49504L.M. Catch up
20th49497TheOddMonths - Ashley
19th49487crumbled oxo cubes
18th49482tree pig again
17th49471tree pig and cloud kiss
49464Sunday Devotionals: Jimmy Smith
14th49456goose wearing headphones
49452Fun Machine
49391guest poster anouncement
6th49380more more more
5th49372Yet More Animal Week!!
49363more animal week!
3rd49356Another Animal week!
2nd49351Sunday - Animals!!!!!
1st49336ANIMAL WEEK!!!!!
July31st49318animal Week!!!
30th49308L.M. animal week!
29th49292giant bunny jpeg
28th49282email from my current gaming client
27th49269I took excellent care of R.M.Vaughan's cat
26th49266Sunday - Gabe's Dirty Blues
25th49262last tree blingee
24th49259L.M. another 2 tree gifs
23rd49242L.M. 2 tree gifs
22nd49231L.M. psa
21st49217L.M. another birdy gif
20th492122 years with Bat-boy
19th49201Sunday - The Rheostatics
18th49171L.M. Bird sil GIFS
17th49162Bruno Latour excerpt
16th49153L.M. sil gifs birds
15th49143Moose GIF
14th49137The Projects: Port Credit
13th49127found fleur gif
12th49119Sunday - Siouxsie and the Banshees
11th49108sparkle fleur
10th49094found fleurs gif
9th49081Sadko Hadzihasanovic - 50 paintings for my 50th birthday
8th49074inter-species relationships
7th49068ghost GIF
6th49056public lecture Ephemeral Art in the Digital Age
5th49052sunday - the seekers
4th49050L.M. google earth
3rd49023L.M. google earth
2nd49006L.M. google earth
1st48991L.M. google earth
June30th48982L.M. google earth
29th48977L.M. google earth
27th48968darlin be home soon
48966pride tard
26th48964good 'ol one-glove
25th48951Pulp Fiction at MOCCA
24th48943m. jean birthday
23rd48925humana gif
22nd48910found clip
21st48894Sunday - Song of the Volga Boatman
20th48888Kym Pruesse (Jan 14, 1961 - Jun 18, 2009)
19th48880kitty bling hand
18th48864Chantal Rousseau - EXPO
16th48840Ann McConville and Chris Ashley
15th48823Italian Street Cats
14th48817Sunday - Joe Cuba Sextet
13th48813Toronto Island
12th48797email from Fastwürms:
11th48783Russian sub
48781SM - meat dress
10th48771Reverse Pedagogy
9th48762L.M. Entry for Week Five of REPLYall
8th48749found drawing
7th48737Sunday - The Castaways
4th48697Ethel and The Mermen
3rd48688bestiary link
2nd48671Olaf Nicolai
1st48665L.M. week four -replyAll
May31st48656Sunday - t.A.T.u. with Russian Army Choir
30th48648Brian Hobbs - Persona Volare: EXPO
29th48635tornado gif
28th48626Douglas Walker at Nicholas Metivier Gallery
27th48613Sarah Milroy G&M
26th48592Replyall wk 3
25th48578found ocean GIF
24th48571Sunday - Spencer Davis Group
23rd48563leopard homage Kate Craig
22nd48551birdy pattern
21st48528magnificent wolf t-shirt comment thread
20th48523Email from Fastwürms
19th48514John Dickson - Two Cities
17th48504Sunday - Pictures of Matchstick Men
16th48487pink flowers
15th48479REPLYall week 1
14th48467Luminato email
13th484512 invites
11th48438I am Making Art
10th48433Sunday Dolly Parton
9th48428Johannes Zits - PV EXPO
8th48420Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
6th48405Mills - Persona Volare EXPO
48396Sally & Joe's Family owns Owen Sound
5th48389Darger bird houses
4th48383All is back to normal
3rd48371Sunday - BADFINGER
48370135th Kentucky Derby
1st48363kate bush gifs a-mundo
April30th48355andrew paterson link and fringe online
29th48350bee gif
28th48343PV EXPO
27th48325Nigel Nolan - Amuse-Bouche
26th48320Sunday - Bulgarian Choir Music
25th48312Ed Pien at Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester
24th48307found elephanthands.jpg
23rd48294rhizome 50k
21st48272Oliver Laric's new video Versions
20th48257Alfonso Volo
19th48243Sunday - The Cowsills
18th48237E.V.E. Absolute Matrix - Gunilla Josephson
17th48218Closing Reception ANDREW HARWOOD
16th48213sun moon eye
15th48203Lucas at Deadpan Exchange
14th48188Valentine for Perfect Strangers
13th48175Cory Arcangel at Images
12th48129Sunday - Dancing Guy with Requisite Canadian Content
48128doggy eyes - Keane GIF
10th48113L.M. LOL Picasso
48104 Images Festival blingee
9th48090Libby Hague, One Step at a Time
8th48082For what is not said
7th48072French Hal
6th48063Brian Massumi
5th48053Sunday - Edwin Hawkins Singers
48051Email from Rob Cruickshank:
4th48044L.M. we are appalling
3rd48034matt king
2nd48024Welcome to the Terrordome
1st48019As Is
March31st48012Lyla Rye Topsy turvy
30th48007it has a lot to do with a thought
29th47993Sunday - The Partridge Family
28th47986found cat box gif
27th47964found guy explodes gif
26th47952found with file name art3.jpg
24th47936More from Cockweasle
22nd47925Sunday Señor Coconut
21st47914Johannes Zits - The Skin You're In
20th47891Andrew Harwood - Psychic Friends
19th47869found horseteeth gif
18th47857found vortex gif
17th47845found running gif
16th47831symmetry cats
15th47820Sally B.D.
14th47808Oh, never mind.
47806found grace jones gif
13th47795Lee Tiffany
12th47783Frame to Frame
11th47774email Scott Carruthers
10th47759email from John Massier
9th47749miore email from Fastwürms
8th47746Sunday - Laibach
7th47738found eyeball
6th47724found card gif
5th47718pathe piggy
4th47698vertical found gifs
3rd47687mathy gif
2nd47680found noise gif
1st47670Sunday - The Fifth Dimension
February28th47662found notebook
27th47655found sketch
26th47646Nnestor Kruger goodwater show
25th47642Allyson Mitchel Ladies Sasquatch
23rd47623The Mind: Life Science Library
22nd47613Sunday - Nick Cave
20th47593magical $25 Million
19th47585Obama ottawa
18th47565Joe McKay - Pace Digital Gallery
16th47542FAMILY DAY
15th47533Sunday - Sergio Méndez
14th47531Winnipeg Babysitter in NYC
47529found spiral gif
13th47524Homo Ludens
12th47509brain & technology
10th47492HUNTER AND COOK#2
9th47478Daniel Levitin quote
8th47472Sunday Buffalo Springfield
7th47459Just enough for the City
6th47451tell me why: more more more
5th47436york university strike notes
4th47430makin' bacon
47418found cat jpeg
3rd47414L.M. GOOGLE OCEAN!
2nd47400L.M. found interior GIFs
1st47385Sunday devotionals - Herman's Hermits
January31st47368L.M. found chain gif
30th47357L.M. Kittehhedron
29th47353Power Plant SWITCH magazine
28th47340L.M. three found GIFs
27th47331L.M. found crystal lace GIF
26th47326L.M. Monkeys on dogs
47317found spiral man GIF
25th47303Sunday Devotionals - Crazy Horses
24th47298L.M. found dot GIF
22nd47288L.M. found chase GIF
47284Lee Goreas at Hallwalls
21st47270Fastwürms Inaugural
20th47256obama shotglass
19th47246L.M. found engine GIF
18th47238Sunday Devotionals - SONGS OF PRAISE
17th47234L.M. found colander GIF
16th47224Bad at Sports
15th47219Tom Moody at Telic Arts Exchange
14th47212Judith Butler
13th47208M.Jean's top ten
12th47195Rob Cruickshank Device Art
11th47181Sunday devotionals - Rotary Connection with Minnie Riperton
47180CBC & NYT websites
10th47171found Graphiti
9th47167The Essential Works Show IV: Multiples
8th47165cat puppets
47160L.M. more google searches
7th47145new kittehs
47142L.M. found batman drawing
6th47138art fag city best of the web
47130Chris Ashley's Top Ten for 2008
5th47127cat dots
47123found colages
4th47112Sunday devotionals - Betty Davis
3rd47102Chris Ashley (faces)
2nd47098Eric Glavin Top Ten
47096double kitty found GIF
1st47092L.M. top six for 2008
December31st47088Hannah Evans' Top YouTube Finds of 2008