No Media Kings is a blog/website by Jim Munroe. There's a lot going on here and his fabulous CD zine, Novel Amusements, is fodder for a future post. Today I'm interested in the stuff he's writing about games:
"In his documentary about Counter-Strike (Sierra, 2000), Carter tries to make a connection between videogames and martial arts. I think he fails at this, but he makes a valiant and genuine attempt to communicate what he knows to be true: that despite how bloody, violent and pointless the military first-person shooter looks to people on the outside, the game had a positive impact on his life.

When I face the challenge of explaining that there's more to punk than pokes the eye, that there's a rich vein of politics, creativity and philosophy running through a subculture founded on negativity and antagonism, at some point I have to abandon the intellectual arguments and just say it helped me. It may be fucked up, but so am I, and it gave me a way to live and think that let me focus my energy instead of having it cook me alive."
He's talking about Tim Carter, who I saw present at Digifest in Toronto last year. I find the guy scary as hell. Too much talk about 'brotherhood' and 'honour'. But Jim's not scared of the dark side, and I very much appreciate his investigative curiosity and allegiance to freaks. Jim Munroe is like a kinder, gentler Dave Eggerers, a prolific rockstar personality embedded deep in the politics of indymedia. Go look at his site - there's something for everyone.

- sally mckay 11-21-2003 7:23 am

What's scary is people who think that keeping promises is scary. That they are the ones starting to take over things such as whether or not justice should be administered.

Until... of course... they become the victims of a crime. Then my God, it's like "Somebody should do something about this..." Like the women in Afghanistan: "Somebody should 'deal' with the Taliban..." (i.e. risk their lives to bring them to justice, or, failing that, kill them - or die trying). Of course when it comes down to "who" should put their neck on the line to do this... well... that is nicely evaded.
- Tim Carter (guest) 3-10-2005 3:06 am

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