Indulge me in a Dave Hickey-esque hiccup. Why is it still the case that the classier the art, the harder it is to spot the gallery from the street?

Before: Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation,
778 King St. W, Toronto, ON, Canada

After: Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation,
same location, after I zapped it with my
supersonic ray gun.

A lot of the best art shows I've ever seen were in this place. So I feel pretty lucky that I know where/what it is.

- sally mckay 11-27-2003 7:30 am

its that old "too-cool-for-school thing"...
- jenny holtzer (guest) 12-05-2003 8:18 am

I'm working on a wiki page for Ydessa - would you consider uploading either image to wikimedia commons?
- ella (guest) 3-10-2015 8:08 pm

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