- sally mckay 3-06-2006 9:50 pm

Holy! On behalf of all of us with antiquated equipment who can't watch the movie, Thanks for this gif! (An open invitation to Joester to tell me that I'm the only person on the continent in this technologically challenged situation.)
- M.Jean 3-08-2006 5:01 pm

Good one(s). I like both versions, but the soundtrack adds a lot in terms of framing all this cosmic upheaval as not too heavy, just something that happens every day on this particular cliff.
- tom moody 3-08-2006 5:49 pm

Thanks! I like the soundtrack okay, but I think I'll keep playing with it (its too loud, for one thing). Might post some variations down the line.
- sally mckay 3-08-2006 7:54 pm

Hey now m.jean were it not for Joester you'd still be working on a typewriter. I kid you not.
I knew that original Gif was something. A wierd sheep sucking sky was my second guess.
It's a really nice animation. I want it to go on longer.
- joester 3-08-2006 8:40 pm

This is terrific- it's something like a whole creation and armageddon story, eons in twenty seconds. The soundtrack in the video is great.
- chrissashley 3-09-2006 7:59 am

Thanks Chris! The location is a tiny place in Wales called Rhossili. The piece of land jutting out is called The Worm. If I ever win the lottery I want to spend an entire year there, and take a picture of the weather every day.


- sally mckay 3-09-2006 6:34 pm

- tino (guest) 3-14-2006 1:57 am

- steve 3-14-2006 8:21 pm

It's an incredible place.
- sally mckay 3-14-2006 8:26 pm

I meant that comment for the sheep/sky/rock gif. and yeah, nice looking beach.
- steve 3-15-2006 5:08 am

Way dee emm tee...sweet! & Wales,cool, to boot.
- Frank (guest) 3-15-2006 7:13 am

I like that
- Thor Johnson (guest) 3-15-2006 7:09 pm

Excellent play-by-play descriptor on the video here by Tom Moody. Thanks Tom!
- sally mckay 3-15-2006 11:44 pm

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