The Arts Vote surveys are in for Toronto's municipal election next week. Out of 44 Wards, only 19 have any candidates who bothered to respond. There are four dudes running in my ward and none of them have answered the survey yet. Their names are Nick Boragina, Joe Pantalone, George Sawision, and Hmy Syed. I do like Hmy Syed's website, and it's nice that there are some motivated people running against Mr. Shoe-in Pantalone. Maybe I'll bug them all about the survey. Heck, Rob Ford answered it! Actually, Ford's monosyllabic survey response is recommended reading: hilarious, in a what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-this-world kind of way.

- sally mckay 11-09-2006 5:59 pm

In Ward 18, Giambrone answered in detail. I was going to vote for him anyway, since he's been helpful in our fight against a new 14 division being built outside my front door.
- L.M. 11-09-2006 8:50 pm

Ford's response's were funny/sad. What do artists need? "Jobs." As in "Quit screwing around with that 'creative' stuff, and get to work, dammit."
- mark 11-09-2006 9:28 pm

Being an artist, artsvote is one survey that woulda been answered with depth. A little digging et voila, the survey ended up in my spam folder instead on my inbox. This may explain the low overall response from many candidates. By noon tomorrow, Friday, you will be able to read answers to all the questions on my website. ~ HiMY! ~
- HMY SYeD Ward 19 Candidate 11-10-2006 4:15 am

Yup, Ford is a nutbar. For a real sob/laugh riot, if you ever get the chance, check out this great documentary, HogTown by Min Sook Lee. There is some classic squirmy nasty Rob Ford footage.

Hey Hmy Syed, thanks for posting - that is drag about the spam box. I look forward to your survey answers!

- sally mckay 11-10-2006 6:20 am

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