L.M. and I have both been participating in a long and sometimes heated (and sometimes hilarious) thread about art criticism over at Simpleposie. The arguments are a tad circular, as people who seem to fundamentally disagree forge the occasional spot of common ground, and then re-polarise. It seems like it might be winding up now, which is a bit of a relief as its time for me to do-as-I-say, not say-as-I-do, but it's been interesting and challenging.

- sally mckay 11-17-2006 10:05 pm

Sally found it challenging because she actually reads the initial text and responds to the subsequent comments. It's so much easier if you just bang out shit on the keyboard and ignore what everyone else is talking about.
- L.M. 11-18-2006 3:01 am

As usual I am struggling my way through the discussion. I do follow closely, and have for maybe a year. I loved this bit from anon on simpleposie.
'The whole point of the aesthetic judgement is to generate multiple subjective accounts which in turn create a "discourse field." A nebula, or electron swarm 'round the object!' Anybody read John Brunner, shockwave rider? I think the way he put it was, no one knows what is going on, but everyone knows what is going on. No quotes because I was too lazy to go to the other room and pick up the book.
- galenagalaxian 11-18-2006 7:41 am

oh dear
I am not house trained yet. I made a mess over at simpleposie.
I meant to say to Cedric.
Gwan! Yer Borat right?
- galenagalaxian 11-18-2006 8:10 am

There's still time for you to pick up after yourself Galenagalaxian, maybe you really should go get that book and leave something substantial for anonymous in reference to his comment instead of leaving little disparaging remarks about kitty litter. But you know, at that point you'd be contributing rather than lurking. You're a welcome visitor either way but your mess isn't much to brag about especially after so many others have gone the distance to make their thoughts known.
- J@simpleposie (guest) 11-18-2006 6:02 pm

Jennifer, as far as I can tell, Cedric made the kitty litter remark. Galenagalaxian encountered a technical glitch in attempting to respond.

I am going to be away from the computer for a few days... play nice while I'm gone okay?

- sally mckay 11-18-2006 7:10 pm

Well, if Sally's gone this weekend, I get to run amok.

Shall I post my Margaret Keane collection?


Seasonal pictures of the Pope?

santa pope

Or some soft unicorn porn?


whatodooo whatodooo.

- L.M. 11-18-2006 9:04 pm

Into every life a second shoe must fall. When I was at UBC in 1964 there was a young woman named Daphne in the dorm who had her room plastered with these little big-eyed freaks. They've been rising in my mind's gorge ever since, and now I know who the artist is: Margaret Keane. Thanks, L.M.!

(Although god knows what I'll do with this information.)
- M.Jean 11-18-2006 9:28 pm

Okeedokee, one vote Margaret Keane:


And I just got spammed with this nice unicorn/pope combo from the royal consort of m.nobody :


(I'll calculate it as a half vote each for pope and unicorn)

[E.T.A. he did get the big eyes in there too, so I'll adjust the score accordingly]
- L.M. 11-18-2006 10:00 pm

According to a Daniel Barrow performance piece, when Margaret Keane and Walter Keane's marriage ended, Margaret went to court to establish herself as the creator of the big eyed waifs. The Judge agreed to a paint-off and had two canvasses set up in the court room, Walter Keane showed up in court with his right arm in a cast & sling, so Margaret painted an original in front of the judge in under 30 minutes and won the case.

- L.M. 11-18-2006 10:13 pm

Hey Galenagalaxian -

That little dialogue box they built in to my blog template doesn't work very well in Safari - if that is what happened - try switching to firefox or explorer and don't forget your John Brunner quote!
- J@simpleposie (guest) 11-18-2006 11:37 pm

Geeze, and where are my manners? The kitty litter remarks ARE Cedric's. He's really ambitious writing in his second (or third ?) language. No? My bad. Apologies for giving you a hard time.
- J@simpleposie (guest) 11-19-2006 2:54 am

As consorts go, Mr Nobody's sure has a lot more on the ball than Prince Philip.
- M.Jean 11-19-2006 8:05 am

So, who is better, Margaret or Walter?
The Margaret ones you've posted seem pretty deep to me. The portrait where everyone has baby seal eyes and this one.
The girl looks like the undead (but cute) and the kitten is in a very strange space relative to her--a chicken wire enclosure that appears to be nearer to the viewer than the "fence."
- tom moody 11-19-2006 8:18 am

If the story of the legendary court case is to be believed, Walter never painted, so he may win this one.

- L.M. 11-19-2006 9:47 am

i had heard that walter had seen wwii orphan waifs at mt parnasse after the war. and used them as subject matter. i believe the court though.
- bill 11-19-2006 3:12 pm

Well I am a little happier to know it was not me being dumb. J@simpleposie,you are right, I am using Safari. I went back with Explorer, but the Mac version did sweet dick all when I hit the reply to this comment box. The bit I wanted to leave there was meant to tease Cedric about being Borat-like. I was being a smart ass I guess. So far I have only lurked on Sally's turf, the discussion sounded interesting, so I nipped over to take a look. Sorry I could not get the quotation over to your blog

I really did love what anon said, 'The whole point of the aesthetic judgement is to generate multiple subjective accounts which in turn create a "discourse field." A nebula, or electron swarm 'round the object!'

The John Brunner reference is to "The Shockwave Rider" published in 1975, a science fiction novel, p16

'It works approximately like this.
First you corner a large--if possible, a very large-- number of people,who, while they've never formally studied the subject you're going to ask them about and hence are unlikely to recall the correct answer, are nonetheless plugged into the culture to which the question relates.
Then you ask them, as it might be, to estimate how many people died in the great influenza epidemic which followed World War I, or how many loaves were condemned by EEC inspectors as unfit for human consumption during June 1970.
Curiously, when you consolidate their replies they tend to cluster around the actual figure as recorded in almanacs, yearbooks and statistical returns.
It's rather as though this paradox has proved true: that while nobody knows what's going on around here, everybody knows what's going on around here.
- galenagalaxian 11-20-2006 7:25 am

Thanks for the feedback, G. I am on mac too. I switched from safari to firefox and so far the interface is glitch free. The other option that is always open is to email your comments to me and I will post them. I am going to take the liberty of posting your Brunner quote for anonymous aka CJB. I hope you don't have any objections.
- J@simpleposie (guest) 11-20-2006 5:18 pm

klaus the hapless german fork-lift driver.

- bill 11-20-2006 10:43 pm

The first time I worked the Frankfurt Book Fair on setup day, the building was full of tall blonde Stacker Driver Klaus and Fork-lift Driver Klaus and Box-Lifter Klaus and Hallo Frдulein! Klaus.

Bill, it was exactly like that video!
- L.M. 11-20-2006 11:00 pm

A couple weeks ago I did a post noting that Cory Arcangel had recently riffed on Alvin Lucier, opining in my usual gentle way that degraded media was a much done topic by now.

Two hours later, Simpleposie linked to Lucier and Arcangel, noting their connection in her open-ended question style but not indicating whether anything critical could be said about it.

The first commenter to the Simpleposie post opined that degraded media was a much done topic by now.

This made me laugh.

- tom moody 11-20-2006 11:59 pm

Glad to help you out with a laugh there Mr. Moody. I did and do read your blog.

I was interested in your post along with about a half dozen by others in the blog' o' sphere about Arcangel's show because an artist here in Toronto named Marla Hlady had a piece at Jessica Bradley Projects called WAH-WAH TEAPOTS (LANDSCAPE FOR ALVIN LUCIER). Here's the link :


I was interested in the way her piece was received here in the press - the same critic who recently rhapsodized about triangles and nursery rhyme referents in abstract painting was unable to find any lyricism in the Lucier teapots . The links are money walled now. Too bad.

- J@simpleposie (guest) 11-21-2006 12:52 am

I rhapsodized about another recent, more successul version of the same idea (the Jonathan Horowitz piece). As long as we're talking about rhapsodizing.
- tom moody 11-21-2006 1:37 am

Yeah, I'm enraptured with talking about rhapsodizing.
- J@simpleposie (guest) 11-21-2006 1:41 am

The rest of us are merely enchanted.
- L.M. 11-21-2006 3:06 am


This is the thread that keeps on giving.
- L.M. 11-21-2006 3:09 am

i was the one who sent LM the unicorn porn, and be careful or i will post the unicorn centaur fucking the blonde in mid air...

i never really got keane, i know its ironic kitsch, but its just not my style

and the pope is coming very close to matching the queen mom in the most faboo hats contest...

and then there is dolphus:

- anonymous (guest) 11-22-2006 1:21 pm

it twas me
- anthony (guest) 11-22-2006 1:22 pm

Anthony, I'm saving the Unicorn Centaur Fucking the Blonde in Mid Air (in a way that makes no anatomical sense considering the horse parts) for a special blog occasion, such as Sally going out of town again.
- L.M. 11-22-2006 8:54 pm

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Bill, check out the Spy Radio podcasts from the World Espionage Bureau. The numbered broadcasts are so gorgeous and spooky.

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- L.M. 12-05-2006 9:17 pm

I guess Lost picked up on that but they solved the mystery almost immediately when the woman reading numbers on the short wave turned out to be "the French chick."
- tom moody 12-05-2006 9:33 pm

10, 4 nurse goodbody

- bill 12-05-2006 9:50 pm

Great links, I want the 4 CD set of numbered broadcasts now.
- L.M. 12-05-2006 10:30 pm

i think its all free someplace as mp3s. ill check.
- bill 12-05-2006 10:34 pm

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