I also think the Ukrainians invented this:


Popular at church socials and funerals. And, eat three of them and riot in the streets over falsified election results & drag queens with accordions.

I fear them and you should fear them too. (angry Ukrainians, not the squares, you will love the squares and they will love you back, giving you super human powers)

(I am so fucking sugared up and happy)
- L.M. 4-08-2007 9:10 pm

are those paint chips I see?
- sally mckay 4-09-2007 7:05 am

Yes, I'm really inspired.


- L.M. 4-09-2007 8:27 am

no actually, I'm desperate.
- L.M. 4-09-2007 8:46 am

I think I can taste those from here...and I am sure that if I had one, I would want to eat the whole plate. Aren't they great colors???!!!
- Candy Minx (guest) 4-09-2007 10:00 am

- bill 4-09-2007 1:11 pm

Many people think they can eat them ironically, but after the first bite they will abandon that posture.

(Candy, everything I cook looks like that)
- L.M. 4-09-2007 8:57 pm

if you zoom in far enough into the earth-sized easter-eggs that Sally posted, you will find this:

- rob (guest) 4-10-2007 1:12 am


Here it is, and I'll make one of these tonight for dinner.
- L.M. 4-10-2007 1:29 am

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