Work by Lorna Mills

curated by Cheryl Sourkes
at akau inc. 1186 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada
April 13, 2007 - June 9, 2007
Opening party: Friday April 13, 7:00 PM.

- L.M. 4-10-2007 8:10 pm





- L.M. 4-10-2007 8:13 pm

yay Honeytrap! I feel like an excited ant, or something.
- sally mckay 4-10-2007 8:22 pm

I didn't pick up on the camo reference on the leopard print graphic until you mentioned it. I was just thinking "formal yet sleazy"

I wonder if I should even bother putting any art in this show.
- L.M. 4-10-2007 8:28 pm

formal yet sleezy is my mantra...
- anthony (guest) 4-11-2007 2:25 pm

Best of luck with your opening tomorrow, L.M.
- tom moody 4-12-2007 7:29 pm

Thank you Tom. I'm lucky that both the curator and the owner bend over backwards to make their shows look as good as possible, and their opening events are always hospitably flowing with food and booze. So many artists that I admire like doing projects there, and I was flattered to be invited.
- L.M. 4-12-2007 7:56 pm

Congrats. Hope you had a good opening.
- mark 4-14-2007 7:31 pm

same here. please post pictures.
- bill 4-14-2007 7:36 pm

Thanks guys, I did have a good opening (what I can remember of it) and I finally enjoyed myself in the last hour of the marathon, and then enjoyed myself even more at a bar afterwards, and then even more later on. Sally gave me a chocolate "LM", I meant to photograph it and post it but it ended up being combined with Jack Daniels. (if you ever want to be bouncing off walls at 5 am, that's the ticket)

- L.M. 4-15-2007 12:32 am

The show is brilliant. Congratulations, L.M.!

- sally mckay 4-15-2007 2:23 am

(i dont know where to put this :) sam i am
- bill 8-09-2007 12:49 am

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